My father introduced me to photography back in the days of darkrooms and Rolleiflex cameras. Over the years I’ve used a wide variety of the tools of the trade. I'd love to recover the Leica M3 stolen from my college dorm. And each generation of Nikon cameras carries fond memories. I spent an entire decade under the cloth with a large format view camera, humping impossibly heavy packs alternately loaded with my old, trusty, medium format Pentax system. I’ve lightening up recently and have entered the full-frame, mirror-less world, using these smaller, but even more powerful new systems for a growing majority of these images. All this time, I’ve been entirely self-taught.

For years I've shrugged off suggestions from family and friends to enter the online world and marketplace. Only after retiring from my day job as an attorney have I taken on the challenge of creating this website.  I have been very fortunate that my old job supported a lifetime of adventuring around the globe, waiting for the perfect light and searching for pleasing compositions and that has been sufficient.

My work has been on the cover of Outside Magazine, and there has been some recognition of my work as I've recently dipped a toe into the world of photographic competitions. But I avoided posting and offering for sale my images until now, wanting to keep my photographic life simple and mostly for the enjoyment of family and friends. But I have the time now, and a new motivation to share my work more broadly. I hope you enjoy these images.

For more information about any of these images, or just to chat, please go to my Contact page; I love to share, ideally, trade! information about locations, as so many have shared with me. Purchase options and information is available after selecting an image through a SmugMug vendor. Contact me If you want more personal attention and alternative sources for prints on metal, now my preferred display medium, or to discuss licensing, etc.

And please check back here often for changing, featured photos. -- Matt Ross, Berkeley CA.

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